tisdag 23 mars 2010

Unicorns are real, they are just grey and fat and called rhinos.

This morning, I fixed our water spigot by jiggling the handle, then I turned to my husband and said (in a gruff voice) I’m a handyman WITH BOOBS! He replied "In Soviet Russia, ALL handymen have boobs!" and IMMD.

Outside my window there’s an old guy in an electric wheelchair making circles and figure eights in the fresh snow. IMMD.

Watching Avatar with some friends and it got to the bit when the warrior chief dies and tells Jake to take his bow. Someone in the theatre yelled "And my axe" IMMD.

Being a Catholic on a Friday during Lent, I’m not supposed to eat red meat. On my way to a Friday bbq where steaks were being served, I got this text from the host, "hey i hav chicken too u want that instead? cuz of jesus?" IMMD.

Today in my science class I found out that humans share 50% of their DNA with bananas. IMMD.

We were learning about the preamble and our teacher goes to find the Schoolhouse Rock video on youtube. We got Rick Roll’d halfway through. IMMD.

It Made My Day :P

(Jag är bara uttråkad för tillfället) :P

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